How We Organize Ourselves

This is a “peek” into how we sometimes start an inquiry cycle. 
Opening statement: Societal decision-making is created to maintain a balanced community.
First, we looked at some of the terms in that statement and then defined them in our own words:
“societal” – of a society
“maintain” – manage, keep, control
“balanced” – fair

From that point, we discussed related topics:  laws, government, voting, order, enforcement

We thought about issues that come up within these topics:  conflict between freedom, independence,  and power or control.

Thoughts/Connections before questioning:
Carter B. brought up Russia and Ukraine as a connection. We discussed as a class what they have learned so far about this issue/current event.
Initial Questions:

  • what are the different types of governments?
  • what services does government provide? (US? Other?)
  • how do we “keep the peace” in a community?
  • what are some similar laws across countries?
  • what is the “greater good?”
  • what are differences among federal, state, city (US)?
  • what are the origins of some laws?
  • what kind of laws still exist, but aren’t enforced? Why?
  • why do only certain people get to vote?
  • why is there a voting age?
  • do all countries have a Constitution?
 Next steps:
We’ll take these questions, dig a little deeper, branch out into more complex questions, and then start looking at how we can learn more. We will use our eduClipper app to clip resources to the Clipboard section.
Next, we will decide how we want to learn more. We will work in small groups to make decisions.

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