Learning About Invertebrates

We love that we are able to investigate things that make us more and more curious! We watched a video about vertebrate animals early in March, and then we heard the word “invertebrates.” We didn’t know what that meant, so, of course, we had to investigate!

We learned a LOT about invertebrates! We watched some videos, and we read a lot of different books about invertebrate animals. Did you know most invertebrates are insects? We also learned that many of the invertebrates that are not insects are those that live in the ocean.

Some of our questions:

  • Which creatures are spineless?
  • Are invertebrates slimy?
  • Are all invertebrates small?
  • Is a jellyfish really a fish?
  • How do invertebrates move?
  • How do invertebrates have babies?

We were able to find some answers to our questions through some research, and that’s when we decided we wanted to each choose an invertebrate animal and make an invertebrate costume!

Because we usually like to just start building things, Mrs. Baldwin helped us to think through our design process first. What do we need to know about our invertebrate animals in order to design a costume? What materials should we use to make our costumes look most like our animals? How will we WEAR the costumes so that we can move like the animal we chose?

We started drawing plans after we did some research about all the parts of our invertebrate animal choices. We also shared our costume design plans with our class. Each of us had a chance to present the design, explain what we know about this invertebrate animal, and answer questions.

We also watched some more videos about other types of invertebrate animals, including an octopus moving through a plexiglass maze!

As we worked in our design phase, we thought about what we should know before we started constructing the costumes. We asked a lot of questions about how we would know the costumes would fit us, so we decided to measure our height, length of arms and legs, etc. We partnered up to use rulers and remembered how to line up the ruler with the edge to what we were measuring. Also, we knew we’d need to do some addition when what we were measuring was longer than the ruler. Finally, we did some trouble-shooting to measure the circumference of our heads, because a ruler can’t measure that. We decided to use yarn to measure our heads, and then we measured the yarn.

After we had our own measurements, we learned to measure the materials to help us begin creating the costumes. This was the most exciting part! We were able to share our costumes, even those that weren’t completely finished, with our class and our school community at Anastasis StoryLine (our end of year sharing of our learning journeys).

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