Team Baldwin 2016-17



We are Team Baldwin! We are a class of 4-7 year old students who love to build, read, write, draw pictures, sing, and move!

We hope you follow us as we learn this year. This blog is a place for us to share some writing and photos, and we will also be sharing a lot on our class Twitter account,@TeamBaldwin.

Our first day of school this year was Wednesday, August 24, 2016. Hope to connect with you soon!

Welcome to Team Baldwin!

We are so happy to welcome you to our class blog!

Team Baldwin is an intermediate class at Anastasis Academy in Centennial, Colorado! You can read more about us in our About page.

In the space, we will share what we’re learning together as a class. Our teacher, Mrs. Baldwin, will write most of the posts in this space, but each of us will also write some posts for the class. Additionally, we are setting up our own individual blogs that will be linked in our blog roll on this blog!

When we talked about naming our blog, Carter B (who LOVES architecture!) suggested “Architects of Wonder.” We immediately knew that was the name we wanted to represent our class!

Maddie W. had this to say about our first week of school:

The first week at Anastasis Academy  was so fun! Most of the time we played games. They where called problem solving games. The reason why we played problem solving games was because it was “Anastasis Detox week.” [This is where we spend time de-programming from traditional schooling to how we learn at Anastasis. MB] One of the games was called “Old School Style vs Anastasis Style.” We compared how we used to learn in other schools to how we learn at Anastasis. We also talked about getting back into a routine for school. At home it was so hard to transition from summer break to school.

What I learned this week at school is how to be safe on the Internet and not to put inappropriate things on the Internet. We are also learning about legacy, Why Do Writers Write, and in math we are working on Pythagoras’ Golden Rectangle. It’s so fun! On this Friday we get to have Identity Day for a half day and then get Chick-Fil-A for a lunch fundraiser.  After lunch, we get to go ice blocking. IT’S SO FUN!