Our Day At The Discovery Center

On Friday, October 18, we went to the Space Foundation Discovery Center in Colorado Springs. It was awesome!

Our guide, Bryan, took us to our first stop in the Science On A Sphere room. In that room, we saw a sphere hanging from the ceiling, and four different projectors in the room projected images and video on the sphere. One of the things he showed us was the image of the sun that covered the sphere. Layered on top of the sun were all the planets, so we could see their size compared to that of the sun.  Sometimes, the sphere showed us different planets, and sometimes we saw different moons in our solar system.

For the next activity, we moved to a room called “Area 51” to create a scale model of the distance between objects in our solar system. We learned about “astronomical units,” called AU. We used yarn, labels, and meter sticks to create this project. For example, if Earth is 1.o AU from the sun, it was 10cm on our yarn. If Jupiter is 5.0 AU from the sun, it was 50 cm on our yarn.

Next, we toured a room about space exploration. There were replicas of lunar modules, space suits, shuttlecraft, and much more! We went on a scavenger hunt to find and learn about all the different types of space exploration.

We finished the day eating lunch with our guide, Bryan in the Area 51 room.

We had a great time learning more about space, and we’re looking forward to going back to the Discovery Center!