Day of Play 2017

Friday, October 6 was our Day of Play/Cardboard Challenge. We hold this event every year at Anastasis!

This year, our theme was “Marble Run.” Our class studied different marble run games that we have in the classroom, and we did some research on gravity. We wanted to know how we could make the best and fastest marble run!

First, we drew some plans and looked at how each person in the classroom thought about building our structure. Then we combined some of the best ideas. We used rulers and tape measures to figure out how high we would need to build the ramps on our structure. Then we started cutting some cardboard pieces to build our structure.

Some of our failures included taping and gluing our ramps to the sides of boxes. That wasn’t working very well. So we watched a couple of videos of people who made marble runs with cardboard, and we noticed they used cardboard notches! We created some of our own notches, and that helped our ramps stay up!