Forney Museum of Transportation Tour

We are currently in Block 2 at school: WHERE WE ARE IN PLACE AND TIME. Our statement right now is “The way people live and work has changed over time,” and we are focusing on how transportation has changed and impacted the way people live, eat, and travel.

On Thursday, November 3, we were very fortunate to visit the Forney Museum of Transportation here in Denver. Our tour guide was Damion Cope, and he explained all of the very interesting types of transportation that are housed at the museum.

As soon as we walked through the doors into the museum, a lot of us were very excited! We kept saying, “Best learning trip ever!”

We learned about so many different types of transportation. Some of our favorites were learning about how transportation has changed over time. We saw examples of some of the very first motor cars – some were called “motor carriages.” They didn’t even have steering wheels! They just had levers to pull or push that would move the front wheels. Some people think that electric cars are new to the 21st century, but we saw an electric car that was built in 1916. That was 100 years ago! It was called the Detroit Electric Opera Coupe. It had 4 big batteries, and it could go forwards or backwards – the seats turned around on the inside.

We also some real trains – INSIDE the museum! One of our favorites was the Big Boy! It’s a huge, black train. We also got to walk inside part of another train and see some of the different types of cars on passenger trains. Did you know that some people actually lived on trains? They traveled all across the country and wanted to have rooms on the train for living space.

One of our favorite parts about the train section was “Aunt Peachey.” It was a train derrick that has a huge crane to help lift train cars, usually after a train went off the tracks.

We also saw a lot of different experimental types of transportation. We really liked the plane that was turned into a boat. There were other airplanes, motorcycles, and bicycles – even an electric bicycle! We saw covered wagons and trolleys – we couldn’t believe how many different types of transportation were in ONE museum!

Mr. Damion helped us sit inside a helicopter – for most of us, this was the highlight of our trip. Almost every single one of us said we wanted our families to bring us back to the Forney Museum to visit again! Did you know that the Forney Museum has an interactive timeline on their website? It helped us to understand when certain inventions were made.

It was fun learning about how transportation has changed over time, and it helped us to think about how we could invent new types of transportation for the future!

Highlights from the class:

HT: I liked the Big Boy the best!

CRC: I liked seeing the covered wagon. They had horses and people with the wagons. The horse looked so cool.

JF: My favorite was Aunt Peachy. If the trains go off the track, it can lift them up. There was a face with eyes painted on the crane.

KC: I liked the big train. It was called a steam engine.

EO: I liked Amelia Earhart’s car. It was yellow, and I drew a picture of it.

NK: It was fun to go inside the helicopter!

CM: I liked sitting in the helicopter, too!

SF: The train was my favorite. Damion showed us everything, and we loved all the stuff.


We journaled a lot about our trip, and then we decided to draw some photos of the vehicles we saw. You can see our drawings and photos of our trip in the photo gallery.