Expressing Ourselves at The Poetry Cafe

In this block, we have been learning about the many ways that we choose to express ourselves. Our class has looked at music, art, writing, speaking, performing… so many options! We have created self-portraits and have begun to write our own songs.

In the last few weeks, however, we have been learning about poets and how they express themselves in writing poetry. Poetry can be funny, beautiful, sad, light-hearted, or dark, and it can break the rules of writing. We especially loved the freedom we found in writing our own poetry.

One of the things we noticed about writing poetry is that we really had to think differently about word choice. For example, if we wrote about a “large bear,” the image wasn’t as vivid as writing about an “enormous black bear” or a “massive grizzly.” One of our favorite tools we used was our dictionary app that has a great list of synonyms. We also learned about a tool called a “thesaurus.” This lists synonyms for the words we look up!

As an additional means of adding expression, our class partnered with Mrs. Weissman’s class to hold a Poetry Café. We set up the café with round tables and chairs and served tea and cookies to our guests. The Poetry Café provided us an opportunity to recite our poetry for an audience. We wrote haiku, limericks, and free verse and also created some art work to accompany our poetry.

Some of us were really excited to go up on stage and share our poetry and art work, but most of us were really nervous! Mrs. Baldwin and Mrs. Weissman had talked to us before about speaking slowly and projecting our voices, but that’s pretty difficult when you’re voice starts to get a little shaky. It was a good experience, and we all did such a great job.

Mrs. Baldwin’s note: I am extremely proud of all our students in both classes! Not only did they face their fears of speaking in front of an audience, their poetry was filled with incredible imagery, description, and some very clever humor! 

Please read our individual posts about our Poetry Cafe (see student links in the sidebar). Thank you!